Winter 2020

We stopped offering our weekly Thursday clinic in March as the COVID pandemic began to cause health safety concerns in Oregon.  Time has passed and there is now a vaccine beginning to be distributed across the country.  We do know a bit more about the disease now and some ways to stay safer from contracting the disease.  COVID is a very infectious virus that passes easiest from moisture in the breath that we exhale.  So until there is better treatment for the disease, the best option for everyone's personal safety is to limit your contact with the breathing of other people.  Personal masking is required in Oregon for all public activities, and gathering with groups of people is something that should be considered carefully. Social distancing is still necessary for the health of our community.

We have had many requests to offer our acupuncture clinic again.  However, we are not yet willing to open our Thursday clinic.  Hopefully we will resume a limited clinic opportunity this year. Please see our COVID Clinic policy to understand that while we are passionate about offering acupuncture treatment, we also must do our best to ensure that everyone present at the clinic stays safe.  This will not guarantee that being outside of your home will keep you from being exposed to the virus.  It is estimated that up to 40% of the exposure to COVID happens from people who never have any symptoms.  SO even screening is not a guarantee.  However, when we are ready to invite patients to clinic, all will be welcome to sign-up for acupuncture appointments via our email.  We plan to limit the number of patients to 6 per hour and have plenty of room (greater than 10 feet) between each treatment chair. All providers will be wearing masks and face shields, and all treatment chairs will have freshly laundered sheets for each patient as well as being wiped down with antiseptic between treatments.  Stay tuned to this website for posting when we are ready to start clinic treatments again.

We continue to  be linked with the AmazonSmile program!  This means that if you are shopping on Amazon, the same purchase can be made on AmazonSmile and you can request that some percentage of your purchase goes directly to the non-profit effort you choose.  Your cost of purchase is the same. Request 'Portland Veterans Acupuncture Project' on the Amazon Smile site or use the link.......


We are also a listed organization with Fred Meyer Community Rewards Program.  All Fred Meyer customers with a rewards card can link their rewards to benefit PVAP if they choose. Our non-profit number is #84637.

"I didn't believe in acupuncture, but I really am better than I was!"  Kathryn
"For the first time in 25 years, I can finally relax." Charles
"I had forgotten what it was like not to have headaches."  Bernice
"It took me a few weeks to figure this out, but what is new is that I am sleeping at night now." Jim