Portland Veterans Acupncture Project
COVID Clinic Policy

​All treatments will be by appointment only. No drop-ins
Appointments made by contacting us via email:  pvap3@yahoo.com

All patients will confirm that they have no symptoms of illness at the time of scheduling the appointment and at the time of the appointment.
Symptoms include: fever, chills
                               new cough, difficulty breathing, or shortness of breath
                               muscle or body aches 
                               sore throat, runny nose
                               loss of taste or smell
                               nausea/vomiting or diarrhea

A temperature will be checked at the time of appointment and treatment will proceed as long as the patient's temperature is less than 100.5 F

We request that all patients have a recent shower prior to arrival and wear clean clothes.

All patients and providers will wear masks at all times.

No guests allowed.

Patients will enter the treatment area, one at a time after screening and hand sanitizer use.

Patients will leave one at a time. No congregating allowed.